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    Through an unexpected turn of events, former homemaker Rachel Wiesenfeld became an entrepreneur in 1992 when she founded Wise Kosher Natural Poultry.
  It wasn't too long after that the Wiesenfelds identified Pleasant view Egg Farm Winfield, PA, which raises certified organic poultry and eggs, According to Joe Moyer of Pleasant view, the conditions that the chickens are raised differ significantly from a conventional poultry farm. The buildings are washed down between flocks just using natural disinfectants not formaldehyde like other farms do. The chickens are raised in natural sunlight and given one and a half times more room to roam and move about so they get exercise. The chickens also
have access to the outside weather permitting.
The chickens are fed an all organic grain diet that are free of antibiotics, that can ultimately be passed to the consumer. "The benefits are clear. These chickens are healthier, they taste better and there are no chemical residues in them.  
  When the chickens have reached the ideal weight or size, they are transported to David Elliot Poultry Farm in Scranton, PA where the chickens are slaughtered in a strictly kosher setting.
David Elliot Poultry is a U.S. D.A. inspected plant under the strict supervision of the Beth Din Tzedek of Crown Heights and the Union of Orthodox Rabbis.and is also certified organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International). From the processing plant, the chickens are distributed through Wise's headquarters in Brooklyn. Wise also distributes certified organic turkey, which are raised at the Greenwood Farm in Lancaster County, PA and then transported to David Elliot Poultry.

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